Life and times of Harry and his Dad, thoughts, laughs and experiences

In the beginning there was Mum and Dad, add Harry and Alfie this is where it gets interesting.


Stepping up to the stay at home Dad plate after Mum doing the first 9 months was something I was really looking forward too. Confident all the chores would be done by 9am, off to play groups, coffees with other parents, walking the dog on the beach every day. Making home cooked baby food, dinner ready with a clean and cuddly baby ready for story time and bed when Mun arrived home.


HOW NAIVE I WAS!!!!!!!!!


Firstly to Mum, what an amazing job you did!!!!!!.


To be fair I think Mum would give me a positive rating (four and a half months in) otherwise i would have been sacked already and lets be clear Ive come close a few times. 


Dads are not hard wired for this job. Some will be! But im not one of them. What I've learnt and continue to do so is take advice where you can get it and pick what feels right for you. Most importantly when times get tough get out of the house. Take some time for yourself, even its one hour! There will be people around you that want to help. You dont have to and you wont be able to be the perfect parent 24/7 its impossible, give yourself a break!!!!!.

Sleep when you can!! 

When it gets too much put baby in the cot and walk outside, he can scream but he wont get hurt, trust me please, this is one of the most important parenting skills for any parent. When all you want to do is feed baby their dinner and put them down for the night and they wont eat put the food away give them a break. They seem to feed of your energy. They will test you its their job! I've had this problem so many times and its an amazing trick. Take them out of high chair give them their favourite toy five to ten minutes later I guarante you and bubs will be ready for dinner.


Thats more than enough tough lessons for my first post. On a more positive note what i can tell you is that time spent with your mini me will be rewarded ten fold in love and trust and a relationship you have never known.